Herbaceous Salvias

Herbaceous Salvias

Herbaceous : A perennial that dies back during winter and re shoots in Spring or warmer weather.

Salvia 'Snow hills'
Salvia ‘Snow hills’

Below is a list of various herbaceous Salvias that occur from various regions of the world. The majority coming from Europe where they have cold winters and soft perennials like Salvias go dormant  in their cold climates, others come from Middle Eastern areas, formerly known as Asia Minor and some from China & Japan
These herbaceous Salvias are a completely different type of Salvia to the more bushy  tall or small shrubs we might see in gardens; they become dormant during the winter months and appear again in spring when the weather becomes warmer.

If your garden is situated in a warmer area, these Salvia may not ‘go down’ completely, but rather after most of the blooms have finished, begin to reshoot again, providing a good green clump during the winter months. They usually begin sending up flower shoots in late winter early spring, only when the weather becomes warmer.

These types of Salvias are ideal as edging along paths, often making a huge splash of colour when mass planted or grown as fillers for colour in mixed borders.

The range of colours of these herbaceous Salvia is huge,; much of the colour combinations actually come the coloured hairs on the calyces. Often there are beautiful red hairs , giving the calyx  a darker glow or the perception of a different colour, which contrasts beautifully with the colouring of the flower.

Many of the new varieties can range from, dainty pale pinks or gorgeous sky blue tones or into vibrant dark purples, all of which  are long lasting, making a good show for the summer and autumn season.

The many new varieties of S.nemerosa appearing each season,  only a selection can appear in this listing.
Due to a lot of the modern propagating techniques, many of the new varieties are listed under the name of S.nemerosa, but are actually from S.superba and S.x sylvestris stock. This allows the plant to remain small and compact, whilst giving the max. amount of flower stems over a long flowering period.

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