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Seed Disclaimer

Although we try to insure the purity of the seed listed, we cannot guarantee that the seed will come true to form. Be aware that Salvia species can cross with other Salvias, especially in the case of the greggii / microphylla cultivars. Most bicolour Salvias DON’T come true, most revert to the  colour of one of the parents

Seedlings happen in gardens quite often, so look for differences in these seedlings. Be very selective and check for duplication of what Salvias are already existing and what is very similar to other Salvias  being promoted.

This selection process is to prevent confusion, as so many look the same or have similar names.
Please check the website : pages on Plant identification, New Salvias, the greggii & microphylla page and the various lists throughout the site.

Any plant that produces seed has the potential to become a weed in an ideal environment, but few gardens have ideal soil. Most gardeners enjoy self seeding plants and all Salvias are easily pulled out from areas where they are not wanted. Very rarely are they ever a pest.

We do NOT sell noxious Salvia  weeds or pest species eg. S. verbenacea

Seed Germination Tips

Often some seeds can be difficult to germinate without a little help.

Sow seed in Spring to Autumn, sow seed into pots with a very good seed raising mix. Sow seed directly on top of soil, DON’T cover with soil, Salvias need light to germinate. Cover pot with fly wire to protect germinating seed from the ‘Midnight Munches’.

Water either with a dose of Epsom Salts – 1tsp in 1 Lt spray bottle, allow the mixture to dissolve, then spray immediately after sowing, then again once or twice before they germinate. The magnesium helps to overcome the dormancy.

Smokey Water,  and Smoked Vermiculite:
Smokey water and Vermiculite are often used to help germination in the form of diluted Regen 2000 Smoke Water solution and Regen Smoked Vermiculite. These are available as Regen Germinator both from Grayson Australia in Bayswater Vic.
This is often used by Nurseries and Botanic Gardens to help overcome the dormancy in some very difficult seeds.

Salvia Seed Available

All seed on the Seed Listing is collected annually and sourced locally from collector’s gardens each season.

Payment for seed ordered can be by either a cheque , by Direct Deposit or PayPal. To make the order worthwhile, the order must be $12.00 Aust. or more.

Seed will be sent as soon as possible from when the order is received. See instructions on seed raising in the propagation notes.
Please see the seed order form below. Seed is listed in order of colour.

Attention:    If more than 1 pkt of seed is ordered, please check the availability before ordering

Red & Crimson Salvias

Blue / Purple/Mauve

Pink Salvias

White & Yellow Salvias

Yellow & Orange Salvias

Payment Options




Cheque/ Money Order . Direct Deposit or PayPal

  • 1. Cheque/ Money order

payable to Victorian Salvia Study Group Inc. A/c No.116846122

  • 2. Direct Deposit:  Bank: Bendigo Bank,

BSB No. 633-000  A/c No. 116846122

  • 3. PayPal :

The form must be completed with all types of payment either by post with a cheque or email form to with a copy of your direct deposit transaction. Surname and initials ( admin purposes only).