greggii & microphylla hybrids

greggii & microphylla hybrids

This is a listing of only  greggii & microphylla hybrids that we know about in Australia, that have been named, propagated and promoted.

Salvia 'Tangerine'(greggii)
Salvia ‘Tangerine’ ( greggii)

The list is be divided into two lists .

  1. Those hybrids that are currently being propagated and promoted and Those hybrids that have been found in gardens, they may be named but are not being propagated or promoted, as well as those hybrids that are no longer in favour – no longer being propagated in any quantities. This list may vary from time to time

Plants will be listed as a greggii or if a cross, this will be shown as
g x m if a hybrid . This shows that the plant has a greggii dominant parent. Other names will assume to be a microphylla.

As microphylla’s cross within them selves, they can create a wonderful array of leaf shapes.
Most  will appear with their hybrid name, indicating that the plant is a microphylla.
Most of these hybrids grow 40-60cm H  with the occasional plant growing to 80 H, they all love a full sun position. Most plants are low growing for the front of the bed.

All greggii/ microphylla hybrids love full sun, some can grow well in filtered sun, but do better in a sunny position. Most plants are low growing  ( approx 40cmH) and are ideal for the front of a garden bed.

It is best to prune about twice a year or when beginning to get leggy and straggly – prune down to a green bud.
All need feeding through out the year, all grow better when watered ( if available) Mulch well to keep roots cool.

greggii / microphylla varieties and hybrids

Greggii& microphylla hybrids

'Alba' greggii


'Adriana's jewel

'A lo ha' g x m


'Baby Sage'

'Baby Doll' g x m

'Baby Hope'

'Beetroot' greggii

'Bicolor' greggii

'Blaise Shann'

'Blast' Heatwave

'Blaze' Heatwave

'Brillance' g x m



'Cecilia' g x m

'Cerise' microphylla

'Cherry' greggii

'Christine's Surprise'

'Cienna Rose'

''Coconut Ice'

'Crimson & Black' greggii

'Crimson Belle'

'Cupie Doll'


'Desert Blaze' greggii

'Desert Sunset' g x m

'Easterbonnet' g x m

'Faye Shann' g x m

'Firebright' greggii

'Flare' g x m no longer a Heatwave series

'Flash' ( Heatwave)

'Fruit Tingles'

'Furnams Red greggii

'Fuschia Doll'

'Glare' Heatwave

'Glimmer' Heatwave

'Glitter' Heatwave

'Glow' Heatwave

'Grace' greggii

'Happy Pink'

'Holly' g x mgii


'Hot Pink' = 'Sizzler' Heatwave

'Iced Lemon'

'Icing Sugar' g x m

'Ignition Purple'

'Jane's Delight'

'Jo Anne Shann'

x jamensis 'La Luna'

x jamensis 'La Siesta' = 'Cecilia', different leaf

x jamensis ' Los Lirios'

x jamensis 'Yellow'

'Killer Cranberry'

'Lara' g x m

' Maggie May '

'Matilda' g x m

'Marshmallow' greggii


'Mesa Azure' = 'Mrs Bucket'

'Mexican Bandit'

'Mirage Cream'

'Mirage Purple'

'Mirage Rose bicolor'

'Mirage Soft Pink'

'Miss Scarlet'


'Navajo Cream'

'Navajo Puple'

'Navajo Red'


'Orchid Showers'

'Pat's Pink' greggii

'Palest Pink' g x m




'Penny's Smile'

'Pink Blush'

'Pink Champagne'

'Pink Frills'

'Pink Pearl'


'Poppy Shann'

'Playa Rosa' greggii


'Purple Jewel'

'Purple Passion'

'Radiance' Heatwave

'Raspberry Ripple' = 'Raspberry'greggii

'Raspberry Royale' greggii

'Raspberry Swirl'

'Red Beacon'

'Ribambelle' g x m

'Royal Bumble'

'Sally G Vanilla' g x m

' San Carlos Festival'

'Scorcher' g x m



'Silas Dyson'

'Silkes Dream'

'Sierra Pink' greggii

'Sierra Red' greggii

'Sizzler' Heatwave

'Sky Blue'

'So Cool Lilac'

'So Cool Purple' sim 'Mesa Azure'

'So Cool Violet' sim 'Mesa Azure'

'So Cool Pink'

'Snow White'

'Sparkle' Heatwave'

'Strawberry Crush'


'Sweet Laura'

'Sweet Lips' greggii

'Tangerine' greggii

'Telegraph Avenue'

'Tickled Pink'

'Tutti Frutti'

'Wild Watermelon'

'Wensley Apricot' g x m

'Yellow' x jamensis