Salvia 'Black & Blue' ( guaranitica)

Salvia ‘Black & Blue’ (guaranitica)

Salvia ‘Black & Blue ( guaranitica): is an herbaceous upright  perennial 1 – 1.2m H which is  winter dormant in colder climes with large blue flowers in summer.
Salvia 'Black & Blue' ( guaranitica)
Salvia ‘Black & Blue’ ( guaranitica)


Salvia ‘Black & Blue’ attracts both bees and small birds trying to find nectar.

Flowers are a beautiful blue, tubular  with a dark blueish/black calyx –  hence the name. The flowering stem is held above the foliage with the flowers often facing one direction. Flowering from early summer till well into autumn. Eastern Spinebills and other birds enjoy this plant.
Leaves are a glossy grass green colour, broad cordate shape, a thin texture and prominent veins. The stems are green, very thin, square and hairy. This plant will always grow straight up, even when lying down.

Salvia ‘Black & Blue’ is a beautiful plant for a sunny sheltered position, but needs to be controlled so it doesn’t become a weed in the garden.
It can gradually spread to quite a large clump if the ground around the plant is disturbed. As this plant produces tubers, the underground stems can travel quite some distance and finish elsewhere in the garden. This is a plant that often has to be controlled.
It is best grown in the largest bottomless pot that is available.

Grow this plant in the middle of the bed for height or along the side of the house or behind a small hedge. The vivid blue flowers  contrast well with other pink, red or white flowering shrubs and perennials.

Propagation: can be either by tip cuttings or by digging up shooting tubes. Both these methods  can be done from spring till autumn.

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Salvia  ‘Black and Bloom‘ : is a variety of the above, but has a more compacted flower head that seems to flower longer that it’s parent.
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