Heatwave Series

Heatwave Series

                        The Heatwave Salvias

The Heatwave Series have been developed by PGA Nursery over the last few years.
All are microphylla hybrids bred for their drought resistance and their toughness in the harsh summer conditions and their ability to for non stop through out the year.

Salvia 'So Cool Pink'
Salvia ‘So Cool Pink’

All plants have PBR labels – No one can propagate and sell these plants without a license

The first of the series was:

‘Scorcher’, ‘Sizzler’, ‘Flare’ and ‘Blaze’

‘Scorcher’  and ‘Flare’- were the only ones to be taken off the PBR listing as  they were to similar to ‘Sizzler’.


This is a great small compact shrub, growing approx 40 – 60 cm H x 60cm . The leaves are a typical microphylla leaf – showing the veins easily and have a blue hue them.
Flowers are a good baby pink with a blue hue to them as well – very floriferous, flowering all year.
These qualities are the major difference with ‘Sizzler’, which is extremely similar, but a more electric pink colour
New growth  is fairly basal, so it makes pruning easy , by cutting down to basal shoots.


– Extremely similar to ‘Scorcher’ but without the blue hue to the leaves and flowers,
The calyx is dark , making the flowers seem more of an electric pink- same height and width and basal growth.


– Another similar pink Salvia, but the pink is a more mid pink. The calyx is a dark pink,making the flower very vibrant. Leaves again are similar in colour, size and shape and height.


– A magnificent dark crimson flowering Salvia, again a similar size, leaf shape is broader, a typical microphylla leaf and growth habit, but a beautiful dark crimson red flower.


The second series to be produced were again purposely bred microphylla’s, all sun loving Salvias, these were:

‘Blast’, ‘Glimmer’, ‘Glitter and ‘Sparkle’


This is a small compact shrub growing 40 – 60 cm with peachy  / pink flowers, this can also set seed. Very floriferous, flowering most of the year.


This is a very elegant shrub, growing to 60cm, producing beautiful cream flowers with a touch of purple on the tube, with a dark calyx and flower stem, makes this truly stunning.


This is another small shrub to 40cm, but producing an electric mauve / pink flower which stands out beautifully  against other white flowers. It has an iridescent quality  about the flower.
Many people who enjoy mauve flowers love this colour.


– Another good compact Salvia, growing 40 -60 cm with vibrant pink flowers, more of  a fuchsia colour. Leaves are more rounded than the others and a darker green.

The latest offering from PGA were 4 more microphylla style Salvias with warm summer colours, and a selection of  vibrant pink/purple colours

These were :’Glare’ & ‘Glow’ for the summer look

‘Radiance’ and ‘Brilliance’ for a vibrant look


– is a good compact small white shrub, a good head of white flowers and light rounded green leaves.. Good between Roses and in front of other taller perennials.


– is a lovely compact shrub with lovely apricot flowers, that have a tinge of cream and a tinge of pink. It goes well with most other colours and is perfect for that summer glow.


An upright growing Salvia with an open habit to 60cmH. Greggii type lvs.
Flowers are a vibrant pink , making a good colour for the garden bed.


Another upright growing Salvia, open habit to 60cmH with greggii type lvs. This was the first of the vibrant pink/ purple Salvias to appear, making a wonderful slash of colour to the garden