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Salvia glabrescens

Salvia glabrescens: A herbaceous perennial from Japan, growing to 20-30cmH with mauve & purple flowers in Autumn for a shady position.

Salvia glabrescens
Salvia glabrescens

These Japanese Salvias have fascinating leaves and flowers.

Flowers: are 2 toned mauve / purple, with the rounded mauve hood being extended over the lower purple lobes which are curled back.

The white anthers show within the throat and help to guide insects into the flower. Mauve stigma hide within the hood. Deep purple buds show beautifully against the green calyces. Flowers appear in Autumn. These are pollinated by bees, moths and other insects.

Calyces: are ribbed and green often with darkly coloured tips and pedicels, all have pointed lobes.

Leaves: are mid to dark green, broad cordate shaped with a hastate base. The leaves are indented and the margins are very softly serrated.

Salvia glabrescens: is a lovely small herbaceous (winter dormant) plant for a woodland area, mass planted under small deciduous trees as edging at the front of a bed. They grows very well in a shady or filtered light position.

Also easily grown in pots, making them ideal for a small garden or balconies. However, these should be placed in a semi shaded area within the courtyard.

Salvia glabrescens: have gorgeous 2 tone mauve and purple flowers. They are especially attractive with the white anthers in the throat and the stigma extending from the hood. These flowers appear in autumn, on long green stems above the foliage to catch passing insects. Appearing just before becoming dormant for winter.

Mass planted under deciduous trees, they make a wonderful autumn display. Not only with their interesting shaped leaves but when in flower with all the autumn leaves falling around them.

Bees, moths and other insects enjoy crawling into these wide open flowers.

There is also a beautiful pale pink form available which is just as attractive.

Propagated easily by taking side shoots in spring. they root fairly easily in a perlite mix if kept in a semi shaded area.

Not often for sale.

other varieties include S.glabrescens white form. See separate page.