nemerosa type Salvias

Notes on Nemerosa type Salvias

Notes on Salvia nemerosa and similar forms:

  • S.x sylvestris = pratensis & nemerosa
  • S x superba = sylvestris & villicaulis
nemerosa :
  • sends up flower and leaf stems before forming the basal clump
  • Lvs are oblong with a blunt rounded apex – NOT POINTED
  • Lvs  have a greyish / blue hue colour
  • Lvs have a rugose surface
  • Lvs are in an upright position while climbing up the stem, often wavy, sometimes ‘clinging to the stem’

Known cultivars are : nemerosa, ‘Blauhugel and ‘Amethyst’

x sylvestris :  has a strong pratensis  parent
  • forms basal clumps before sending up flower and leaf stems ( except ‘East Friesland’)
  • Lvs are very pointed at apex
  • Lvs have a smoother, less rugose surface and are greener – in ‘Lubecca’ & ‘Lyre End’
  • Lvs are straight out from stem – not in an upright position

Known cultivars are: ‘Lubecca’, ‘Lyre End’  & ‘East Friesland ‘

x superba:
  • form basal clump before sending up flower and leaf stems.
  • clump and plants generally are small in size and tight.
  • Lvs are small and very pointed
  •  they produce a variety of coloured flowers – white, pink and blue / purple