Salvia aurea

The Long Lost Salvia aurea’s of Trudi

                            Trudi’s aurea’s

Finally we have found and named the long lost Salvia aurea’s from Trudi’s garden.

Salvia aurea
Salvia aurea

After being closeted for so long, she has finally given up her secrets about all the wonderful forms of Salvia aurea that have been growing in and about her garden for the past 20 years!!

What we found was 4 distinct forms which Meg and I named with Trudi’s approval and 1 form which is still being investigated, which if the colour form proves to be sustainable will be added to the list at a later date.

These forms are:

Aurea forms

S. aurea
S. aurea  prostrate
S.aurea ‘Green Ginger’
S.aurea ‘Silver Lady’
S.aurea  ‘Bookleaf’

S. aurea

The original form , a dense spreading shrub approx  2 x 2-3m, large round leaves, green /  greenish grey / grey. Flowers are huge, a lovely bright terracotta colour with the base of the stamens being a bluish colour. The calyx is vase shaped and very colourful, the lips can seem almost black in some lights, but a mainly dark burgundy/ brown colour.

 S. aurea prostrate.

This possibly originated from the ‘Lady’ form having silver leaves but only grows to  approx 30 x 40 -50 cms

S. aurea ‘Bookleaf’

A very compact shrub, approx  80 x 80cm – 1m. the leaves are smaller, slightly wavy with a tight formation of growth and grey / green in colour. Flowers are smaller but still large and have a softer terracotta colour. Calyx is greenish with coloured lips, almost looking like a pair of lips.

S. aurea ‘ Green Ginger’

A more open upright shrub, approx 80 -1m x 80cm -1m. Leaves are small oval to round, greenish / grey and cloth the stems well. Flowers are large and a bright terracotta colour. The calyx is the main feature for this shrub, being a vivid bright green, making a wonderful contrast with the terracotta colour of the flowers. The calyx remain that colour for some time after the flower has dropped.

S. aurea ‘Silver Lady’

A dense shrub with horizontal layering branches, approx 1.2 x 1.2 – 1.5m. Silver leaves are the main attraction, with pointed ends and lots of new growth along the stems. Flowers are a dark terracotta colour, contrasting beautifully with the silver leaves, making quite a spectacle. The calyx is coloured green and brown.

All the forms of S. aurea that have been growing in Trudi’s garden have been closely monitored during those years.

Meg first started tagging these forms in 2002, finally all that close work has finally come to fruition