Salvia 'Boundary Creek'

Salvia ‘Boundary Creek’

Salvia ‘Boundary Creek’:  is a small, upright shrub , 80-1m H, found in a local garden with lobed leaves and mauve tubular flowers.
Salvia 'Boundary Creek'
Salvia ‘Boundary Creek’

Salvia ‘Boundary Creek’  may be a cross between S. scabra and ‘Finngrove’, found in a local garden.

Flowers: are a pale mauve, thin tubular flowers with small hood and a long flared bottom lip. The middle lobe is extended, cupped and almost divided. All along this bottom lobe are beautiful markings to lead the bees and insects into the flower. The tube is long and thin with very pale colouring. Flowers occurs most of the year, with a short spell in late winter before the spring flush of new growth begins.

Calyces: are green, but often colour on the exposed sides , ribbed into distinct 3 lobes above and 2 below, each lobe is sharply pointed and slightly flared.

Leaves: are bright green, small and  beautifully lobed. Each lobe is separated well before the next. The texture is rough with a blunt apex. The leaves have a pleasing  aroma which is pleasant when brushing past the shrub.

Salvia ‘Boundary Creek‘ is best planted in a sunny position with other small shrubs and perennials that have a similar growing needs.An elegant shrub for a border with it’s upright habit. This makes a good hedge, clipping well. Very attractive to bees and other pollinating insects.

Like most other Sth African Salvias, this is tough and hardy for hot dry summers, tolerating the winter cold and frosts well. An elegant shrub for a border, makes a good hedge.
As this is a neat and tidy plant, it only need a light clip to neaten. Clean out any dead branches.

Propagation: is usually by tip cuttings taken at any time of year.

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