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Salvia x jamensis Yellow

Salvia x jamensis ‘Yellow’: is a small upright subshrub 40-60 cm H with lovely yellow flowers most of the year for a full sun position.

Salvia x jamensis 'Yellow'
Salvia x jamensis ‘Yellow’

 Salvia x jamensis ‘Yellow’ is a greggii x microphylla cross.

Flowers: are a typical greggii / microphylla type flower shape. although a lovely yellow, the tube has pink tones. The hood is pale yellow with slightly pinkish hairs, especially when in bud. The bottom lobes are pale yellow with a white patch around the throat area to guide the bees and insects into the flower.

Flowers are held in pairs along a long green flowering stem, held above the foliage to attract passing insects. Although flowers can be seen on the bush at most time of the year, the main flowering period is spring and summer.

Calyces: are green which shows off the lovely yellow of the corolla. Lobes are ribbed nicely, long and pointed.

Leaves: are a midgreen, lanceolate, slightly shiny on the top surface and dull beneath, with some small crenations around the edges. Veins are a few, showing the dominance of the greggii parent.

Salvia x jamensis ‘Yellow’: is a gorgeous bright coloured small shrub for any garden. Plant in the front  of the bed to get the benefit of those delicate yellow flowers. A perfect plant for a mixed border.

Plant in full sun with other brightly coloured small shrubs and perennials, such as vivid purples and blues, even crimsons and reds make a lovely combination. An easy plant to grow. Keep dead heading the plant  for more flowers.

At the end of summer/ autumn when the plant be looking a bit straggly, then it’s time to cut down to invigorate the shrub.

Cut out any dead or twiggy stems, cut stems down to a good green bud, which will promote new growth and more flowers.

Feed and mulch. In spring when the major flowering period begins, feed again and mulch well to keep the root area cool during the hot dry summer season.

Propagation: is easily done by tip cuttings taken at any time of the year.