Salvia 'Silver Lady' ( aurea)

Salvia ‘Silver Lady’ (aurea)

Salvia  ‘Silver Lady’ (aurea):  is a dense shrub growing to 1 x 1m. with grey pointed leaves and terracotta flowers in a spider like flower head.
Salvia 'Silver Lady'(aurea)
Salvia ‘Silver Lady’

Salvia ‘Silver Lady’ : has a slightly different growth habit. The branches grow in a layer effect ( similar to many Viburnums) .

Flowers: are slightly smaller than the parent with a different  hue of terracotta. Hoods are long and the bottom lips are well marked.  Buds are lemon coloured which gradually become a orange terracotta colour. Flowers are formed into a dense cluster at the top of the stems, often looking like a spider. Flowering is from late winter  through to summer.

Calyces: are vase shaped, ribbed with soft hairs along the ribs, often with some pink colouring at the ends.
Leaves: are silver grey, lanceolate shaped, slightly undulating with a soft pointed tip. Branches  often have a layered look.

 Salvia ‘Silver Lady’ is a good dense silver shrub for hot spots, blending nicely with other silver and grey shrubs. It contrasts well with dark green background shrubs.
Like other  forms of S.aurea, this shrub also clips well, so grows well as a hedge. The density of the growth is ideal for nesting birds. Bees, butterflies  and other insects love these flowers during the spring and summer months.

Plant S. ‘Silver Lady’  in a sunny a position that is well drained. This is a tough hardy shrub for the  hot dry summer months, the winter cold, tolerating frosts well.

If grown as a hedge, then clip to neaten, but remove any dead or twiggy branches that detract from the shape. Mulch well  to keep the root area cool during summer.

Propagation: is from tip cuttings taken throughout the year.

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