Salvia 'Sierra Pink'(greggii)

Salvia ‘ Sierra Pink’ (greggii)

Salvia ‘ Sierra Pink’ (greggii): a small compact bushy subshrub 60cmH for a sunny position with bright pink flowers which flowers continually.

Salvia 'Sierra Pink'(greggii)
Salvia ‘Sierra Pink’

Salvia ‘Sierra Pink’ is a  tough hardy shrub for full sun

Flowers: are a lovely bright pink with a distinctive white bee line.
The hood is pale pink with white hairs, but the tube is the lovely bright pink.
Sierra Pink’ will flower most of the year until cut back, but will be back in flower with the new flush of growth in just a few weeks. Flowers are clustered at the end of green flowering stems. Bees, moths and other insect relish these flowers.

Calyces: are  ribbed, green with coloured tips on the exposed side.

Leaves: are midgreen,slender lanceolate or elliptical shaped. Although they may have one or two tiny notches along the margins, but it is still regarded as a greggii. The surface is slightly shiny with only the midrib showing.  Stems are all well clothed. Growing from one central branching stem.

Salvia  ‘Sierra Pink’  is a really good small shrub for the front of the bed. It clips well even as a small informal hedge . As it flowers for most of the year until trimmed, it will certainly brighten up a dull area in the garden.
Plant along a border  or in a cluster of 2 or 3. to make that  constant splash of colour. S. ‘Sierra Pink’ goes extremely well with other pinks, purples, blues, whites and even crimsons and reds. This is a very sociable small plant to have in the garden.

Pruning: Trim lightly most of the year if using as a hedge, but prune back properly at the end of summer when the shrub is a little leggy. Always cut back  to a good green shoot, clean out any dead or twiggy stems. The flowers will be back in just a few weeks with a burst of new growth.
A tough shrub for a full sun situation, very hardy for those hot summer months and winter cold, whilst also tolerating a light frost. This little gem attracts all manner of bees, moths and insects – a gay little  Salvia to have in the garden.
Propagation: is by tip cuttings, taken  at any time  of year


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