Salvia 'Pat's Pink'(greggii)

Salvia ‘Pat’s Pink’ ( greggii)

Salvia ‘Pat’s Pink’ (greggii): a small bushy subshrub 40-60cm H for full sun with gorgeous pink flowers and dark calyces.

Salvia 'Pat's Pink'(greggii)
Salvia ‘Pat’s Pink’

Salvia ‘Pat’s Pink’  is a gorgeous small shrub for a sunny garden.

Flowers: are a gorgeous pink, the bottom lobe being slightly frilly  and cupped with a slight white margin,  adding to it’s charm. Small  white  markings in the throat lead to  a darker pink line  between the two smaller lobes.  The hood is the same darker pink.

Calyces: are ribbed in a darker pinky brown colour. Although ‘Pat’s pink’ can flower for most of the year, the main flowering period is from spring, through summer and into autumn. Bees and moths are all attracted to these pretty flowers.

Leaves: are a midgreen colour, broad lineal, a shiny surface with entire edges. Stems are green. Leaves are  evenly placed along the stems – not as densely spaced as some varieties.

Salvia 'Pat's Pink'(greggii)
Salvia ‘Pat’s Pink

Salvia  ‘Pat’s Pink’  is a gorgeous small shrub for the front of the bed, certainly brightening up a dull corner. S. ‘Pat’s Pink’ makes a wonderful contrast with other purple and dark blue flowering perennials near by. Plant 2-3 plants together to make a stunning splash of colour.

This is a tough, hardy plant for hot summer months, winter cold and  tolerating a mild frost. Plant in full sun with other small shrubs with similar growing conditions.

Pruning:   Salvia ‘Pat’s Pink’ should be pruned back at the end of summer or when leggy, cutting back to a good green shoot.  Cut out old dead wood and any twiggy stems.Feed and mulch well to keep the root area cool during the hot dry summer months.Flowers will appear again in a few weeks.

Bees, butterflies and other insects really like these gorgeous pink flowers.

Propagation: is from tip cuttings, taken any time of the year.


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