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Salvia microphylla Heatwave Sparkle (PBR)

Salvia microphylla  ‘Heatwave Sparkle’ (PBR): A small subshrub, 40-60 cm H. A neat compact Salvia with sparkling bright pink flowers during spring and summer.

Salvia 'Heatwave Sparkle' PBR
Salvia ‘Heatwave Sparkle’ PBR

Salvia microphylla ‘Heatwave Sparkle’: has Plant Protection Rights attached, so cannot be promoted without a license.

Flowers: are a bright vibrant pink  with a prominent white beeline to the throat. The hood is a pale pink with dark pink  at the end. The lower lobe is a vibrant pink cerise, often cupped to act as a landing point for insects.

This shrub produces masses of flowers  for during spring and summer, continuing into autumn, attracting all manner of small insects, bees, butterflies and moths.

Calyces: are a dark crimson brown, ribbed, with long pointed lobes.

Leaves: are midgreen, small lanceolate shaped, a blunt point at the tip, a typical microphylla leaf  with visual veins and small rounded crenations around the edge.

Salvia  microphylla ‘Heatwave Sparkle’: is a pretty small shrub for the garden, neat and tidy, only needing trimming at the end of summer. Grow in full sun as a hedge or in an informal border with other whites, purples and blue small shrubs and perennials. This Salvia will brighten any dull corners of the garden. Bees and butterflies can be seen visiting these gorgeous vibrant pink flowers over the flowering season.

This is a tough hardy plant for the hot dry summer season, tolerating  the winter cold and light frosts.

Although this Salvia flowers for a long period during the year, it is best to trim and neaten at the end of autumn. Dead head the masses of flowers by lightly trimming, but cut out any dead or twiggy stems, feed and mulch well to keep the root area cool during the hot dry summer months.

Propagation: As this Salvia has a PBR label, it cannot be sold unless licensed to sell.

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