Salvia microphylla 'Heatwave Glare'

Salvia microphylla ‘Heatwave ‘Glare’ PBR

Salvia microphylla ‘Heatwave ‘Glare’ PBR :    A microphylla type of plant, a low growing bushy shrub 60cm H in full sun, with very white flowers.
Salvia microphylla 'Heatwave Glare' '
Salvia microphylla ‘Heatwave Glare’









Salvia microphylla ‘Heatwave Glare’ is a very attractive plant for a small garden.

Flowers: are a typical microphylla shape, a pure white colour  with the bottom lobes being exerted and cupped.  Although the main flowering period begins in spring, flowers will appear for most of the year until cut back in autumn.

Calyces: are a green calyx which shows off the  white of the corolla beautifully, providing a good contrast. Each lobe is ribbed and long with pointed tips.

Leaves: are mid green, a typical microphylla leaf, elongated, oval shapes with small crenations along the edges.

Salvia  microphylla ‘Heatwave  Glare’  is a good small tough, hardy plant for the front of the bed. Besides putting on a strong display of white flowers all summer. it also clips  well if grown as a hedge. Best grown in a sunny position in a good friable well drained soil.

Grow this lovely Salvia in among other vibrant blues and  crimson coloured shrubs to act as a foil or grow it among other yellows and orange perennials to cool down the colour scheme.
Salvia ‘Heatwave Glare’ also goes well with a pastel coloured scheme of planting. Being a pure white colour, it pairs and contrasts well with all those colours in the garden.
Bees and moths visit these flowers constantly.
Tough for summer dry heat and hardy for  winter cold, even tolerating  light frosts.

Pruning: can be either a light trim, if growing as a hedge or clean out the shrub by cutting out any dead or twiggy stems. Always cut back to a good green bud. After the new growth matures, the flowers will appear again.
This plant has Plants Protection Rights  (PBR), so we cannot promote or propagate this plant.

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