Salvia microphylla 'Heatwave Blaze'

Salvia microphylla  ‘Heatwave Blaze’  PBR.

Salvia microphylla  ‘Heatwave Blaze’  PBR.  : A small tidy rounded subshrub  40-60 cm H with vibrant crimson flowers that flower for most of the year.
Salvia microphylla 'Heatwave Blaze'
Salvia microphylla ‘Heatwave Blaze’

Salvia microphylla  ‘Heatwave Blaze’  flowers for most of the year, making it a quite a striking plant when in flower.

Flowers: are  dark crimson along a long flower head, looking stunning with the coloured calyces. Flowering for most of the year, very floriferous , attracting so many  bees, butterflies, moths  and other pollinating insects.
Calyces: are a dark crimson/purple, ribbed with pointed lobes.
Leaves: are a  mid  green, a broad oval leaf with rounded crenations along the edge. Most stems are well clothes with leaves.

Salvia  ‘Heatwave Blaze’ is quite stunning in the garden. As it flowers continuously, the eye is often  drawn to this Salvia with it’s dark crimson display of flowers all over the shrub. Plant either in a mixed border or in positions to brighten up the garden.

Plant with vivid purples and dark blue shrubs and perennials in a full sun position. Use white perennials to act as a foil to other vivid coloured flowers.

S. ‘Heatwave Blaze’  is a hardy plant  for summer heat, fairly drought tolerant, winter hardy,  as well as withstanding a light frost.

After summer, it is best to clean out the bush, by cutting out any dead or twiggy growth. Neaten the shape  by pruning down to a good green bud. This prune will help to invigorate the shrub with loads of new growth. Feed and mulch well to keep the root area cool in the hot dry summer months.

Propagation: As this plant has  PBR statice, , it is not available. to promote or propagate with out a license.

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