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Salvia microphylla Baby Sage

Salvia microphylla ‘Baby Sage’: is a small rounded, dense subshrub. Growing 40 cm H with small watermelon coloured flowers.

Salvia microphylla 'Baby Sage'
microphylla ‘Baby Sage’

Salvia microphylla ‘Baby Sage‘: that often looks like a ball or often mistaken for ‘Miss Scarlett’, but everything about the plant is smaller.

Flowers: are small, watermelon coloured, semi tubular in shape. This plant is almost always in flower, very floriferous over the whole plant. Bees loves these flowers and small Eastern Spinebill will often try their luck with trying to get nectar. The flowers are smaller than ‘Miss Scarlett’.

Calyces: are small, a fresh green colour, sparsely ribbed with pointed lobes.

Leaves: are small, oval to lineal, with slightly undulating edges with very small crenulations. Mid green with only the mid rib showing and a blunt tip. Again smaller than ‘Miss Scarlett’.

Salvia microphylla ‘Baby Sage’: is a tough hardy, long lasting small shrub that is excellent for a small garden. It grows well as a border or as rounded mounds in the garden. Because of it’s size, growing in a pot on a balcony is ideal. It clips very well and makes a fine hedge. Some have shaped this plant into balls in pots, which is a very effective way of growing this plant.

Plant with other purple, blue or other pale pink shrubs and perennials in a sunny position. As this is a hardy shrub, it grows well in hot dry summers, tolerating the winter cold and light frosts.

As S. microphylla ‘Baby Sage’ has a neat compact growth form, it really only need a good trim at the end of summer to neaten the shape.

Propagation: is by cuttings which are easily taken, most of the year.