Salvia microphylla ‘Baby Doll’

Salvia microphylla ‘Baby Doll’: A small compact subshrub, growing 40-60cm H for a sunny position with pale pink flowers most of the year.
Salvia microphylla 'Baby Doll'
Salvia microphylla ‘Baby Doll’

Salvia microphylla ‘Baby Doll’ is best planted in a sunny position to brighten up a garden

Flowers:  are a very pale pink colour. The hood , throat and the two side lobes are almost white with the faintest of colouring. The middle bottom lobe is wide, slightly split and is pale pink around the skirt. Flowering occurs  for most of the year.

Calyces: are an olive brown colour, ribbed along each pointed lobe. The brownish calyx gives the flower  a certain luminescent  look.

Leaves: are mid green having  a broad oblong typical microphylla type leaf with small crenulations along the edges.

Salvia microphylla ‘Baby Doll’ is a  beautiful neat small shrub for either the front of the bed or as a border in a sunny position. It’s pale colour certainly lights up a garden bed. Very insect and bee friendly.

Plant with other white, pale blue/ purple or darker pink small shrubs, ground covers and perennials.
As this likes a sunny position, it is tough and hardy for dry hot summers, tolerating cold winters and frost well.

At the end of autumn, when the shrub may be looking a bit straggly, cut back  at least by  half, cutting back to a good green bud. Clean out  any dead  or twiggy stems. Feed and mulch well to keep the root area cool during the summer season.

Propagation: is usually by tip cuttings which can be taken most of the year.

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