Salvia pratensis 'Madeline'

Salvia ‘Madeline’

Salvia ‘Madeline’

Salvia ‘Madeline’: is a herbaceous perennial forming  a clump of rosette leaves with  purple and white flowers in early summer, approx 60- 80cmH.
Salvia pratensis 'Madeline'
Salvia pratensis ‘Madeline’

Salvia ‘Madeline’:  is a Pratensis variety, a small clumping perennial for the front or middle of the bed.

Flowers:  are  2 toned falcate shaped  flowers with a large dark purple hood and side lobes and a pure white middle lobe. The hood has a number of purple hairs and  the purple stigma is extended from the tip. The white middle lobe is cupped to hold a drop of dew and acts as a landing place for bees and other pollinating insects.

The colour combination , makes an impressive sight, a very striking  coloured flower head. Flowering in late  spring/ summer. If well grown it will produce a number of flower spikes, putting on a spectacular show. Flowering  will continue through out summer.

The flower stems are  either singular or in racemes with the individual flowers in whorls  of 6-8 flowers around  a  green hairy stem.  Flower stems grow well above the foliage to attract passing bees and pollinating insects.

Calyces:  are usually green and hairy. Lobes are pointed and well ribbed, remaining open after the flower has fallen. These will remain on the stem  for some time after the flowers have finished, turning a straw colour to indicate the possibility of holding lots of small black seeds.

Leaves: are in a basal rosette formation, large, wide, long pointed pratensis type leaves, green with serrated lobes along the edges.  The stem leaves also are this shape, gradually climbing the stem until just below the flower head.

Salvia ‘Madeline’:   flowers from late spring, through the summer months. It puts on a sunning performance with tall stems giving  the combination of purple and  white flowers.

Being herbaceous, this becomes dormant during the cold winter months, reappearing in late winter, early spring. It quickly forms flower heads to begin flowering in late spring/ early summer.

It likes a sunny position, away from hot dry winds, but does well during  the hot dry  summer season if well mulched.

As this Salvia has perennial growth, it makes a good filling clump,  for a middle bed or front bed. If mass planted, the display would be spectacular. Growing approx  60- 80cmH, it works well with other plants in a perennial border, with other purple/ blue varieties , adding a nice contrast to any pale pink flowers, especially with their tall spikes of flowers or even just their spikes of seed heads. A very worthwhile perennial to have in the garden. A good flower to brightening and add some excitement  to a dull garden area.

When most of the flowers have finished in late summer,  the stems should be  full of seed, then is the time to cut the stalks, collect the seed and  tidy up around the basal growth, which will soon begin to go down for winter.

Mulch  well to keep the crown warm over winter.  Remember a marker for the position of the crown. When the new growth  begins to appear in spring, feed well,  top up the mulch  to keep the root area cool during the hot dry summer season, stake stems with fine bamboo stakes to stop flopping during windy weather.

Propagation: is usually by cuttings of  new growth in the basal rosette, or by seed sown in warmer months. Seed may not come true for the distinct colour combination. It should show some difference in colour, but may not show the distinctive contrast.


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