Salvia leucantha spp

Salvia leucantha

S. leucantha


Salvia leucantha ‘RedHarry’ is certainly puts on a good show when in flower.

‘Pink Velour’                      magenta leucantha        ‘White Velour’
‘Red Harry’


Salvia leucantha
Salvia leucantha

Salvia leucantha is certainly on show at the moment.

Although this Salvia is a “Good time oldie”,   they put on a  wonderful display  in Autumn.

There are a number of different forms of  S. leucantha which don’t   flower all at the same time. It seems that many of the earlier forms including the actual species flower in Spring into Summer, where as the more recent forms including the White and Pink Velour forms flower in Autumn – April- June. These later forms seem to be taller, putting on  a more floriferous display than the forms in Spring/ Summer.

The actual species which is a mauve calyx and white corolla (flower), puts on a wonderful show if not crowded in with other shrubs, but planted in clumps in full sun. They can put on a stunning display right through the summer months.

There are a number of purple S. leucantha, where the calyx is either magenta with a magenta corolla ( Red Harry), or a magenta calyx and a mauve/purple corolla. Which ever flower catches your eye, they all put on a magnificent display.
These plants are tough, summer and winter hardy, putting on a great show.

To prune, just wait until the new growth appears at the base  before cutting off the stems to the ground or to at least 1 or 2 nodes.


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