Salvia ionocalyx

Salvia ionocalyx

Salvia ionocalyx: is a small tender perennial 30-60cmH with dark green leaves and maroon coloured on the underside and clear magenta flowers during winter and spring.

Salvia ionocalyx
Salvia ionocalyx

Salvia ionocalyx comes from the forest floor, so enjoys dappled shade

Flowers: are a clear magenta with cerise undertones. Semi tubular and small, the bottom lobes are a little longer than the hood which has velvety hairs at the tip.
White markings on the bottom middle lobe act as a runway and guide for bees and other insects to enter the flower for nectar. The markings being white would show up on the dark forest floor.
Flowers are held above the foliage to catch passing insects.

Calyces: are green, ribbed with coloured pointed tips of the lobes.  These are held  in small whorls of 4 flowers around a green square stem.

Leaves: are a broad lanceolate shape, dark green above maroon beneath with soft serrated crenations along the margins.

Plant this Salvia in either dappled shade or a sunny protected position. As this is a tender small shrub, it can be planted at the front of the garden bed or in a large pot, kept in the shade such as under a tree.

This tender shrub can be planted with other pale pink or white small shrubs and perennials. This Salvia is a gorgeous small  plant to brighten up a dark corner under a tree or on the patio.

At the end of the flowering period, trim back any dead or twiggy stems, feed and mulch to keep the root area cool in summer.

Propagation: is by tip cuttings, taken in late summer /autumn before flowering begins.

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