Salvia iodantha

Salvia iodantha

Salvia iodantha: is  tall, upright shrub 3-4mH for a semi shaded position with trusses of magenta flowers in winter.

Salvia iodantha
Salvia iodantha

Salvia iodantha  produces wonderful trusses of bright cerise or magenta flowers in winter.

Flowers: are long and tubular, a bright cerise or magenta colour. These are held in crowded clusters of whorls of 6-8 flowers at the end of the flowering stem in winter.
These clusters have a staggered arrangement for opening, so not all the flowers are open at the same time. This prolongs the flowering time.
Most of these tubular flowers are attractive to our small Honey eaters and Spinebills.

Calyces: are very small, green, slightly ribbed with each lobe being  pointed. The more exposed sides are often coloured a burnished pinkish colour.

Leaves: are thin textured, broad lanceolate in shape, mid to dark green, indented veins visible and soft crenations along the margins. These are held to a square vibrant  green stem which is very hollow.

Plant Salvia iodantha with other tall shrubs and trees to protect the brittle stems  from wind. As this Salvia is frost tender,it needs either a semi shaded position or a sunny protected place to grow.

These vibrant  colourful flowers blend and contrast well with other similar but darker pink flowers, white flowers add a beautiful contrasting colour, bringing out that wonderful magenta colour in these trusses during winter.

Pruning: In late spring, when most of the flowers have finished cut down the large old stems by half to produce new growth. In the mean time young new basal shoots should be appearing. Allow these and the new shoots to regenerate the shrub. Clean out any dead or twiggy stems, feed and mulch well to keep the root area cool during the hot summer months.

Propagation: is by tip cuttings taken in late spring or summer when the new growth has begun. Cut through the node where the growing cells dwell, as the internodes are hollow.

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