Salvia 'Icterina'(officinalis)

Salvia ‘Icterina’ ( officinalis)

Salvia ‘Icterina’ ( officinalis): is a small clumping shrub 30cmH, with variegated yellow leaves that is a form of Salvia officinalis.

Salvia 'Icterina'(officinalis)
Salvia ‘Icterina’

Salvia ‘Icterina’ is a  small clumping shrub, being  variety of  Salvia officinalis.

Flowers and Calyces: This is a Salvia that seldom flowers, so it is mainly vegetatively propagated.

Leaves: are lanceolate, with yellow variegation throughout the whole leaf.  Most often the yellow colouring appears along the margins.The top surface is fissured which allows any moisture to be guided down the stems towards the roots. The underneath is paler. All leaves are fragrant and edible.

Plant  Salvia ‘Icterina’ in full sun in well drained soil. Don’t plant in among other shrubs or perennials so they over crowded. It is a Salvia that likes air around it’s leaves, not being crowed in by other plants, making them ideal  for the edge of a bed or along a path as they make small neat clumping mounds.

This small shrub makes a very good groundcover, brightening up the front of the bed with the wonderful yellow variation in the leaves. Plant darker small shrubs behind to show off that yellow colouring of the leaves. To show the contrast of colours, plant with other vibrant blues, purples and red flowered perennials or plants with interesting coloured foliage.

A tough, hardy plant for the summer months, tolerating the colder winter months and  light frosts well.

As this is a neat shrub for most of the year, the only maintenance is to feed regularly, remove any dead leaves and mulch at the beginning of summer to keep the root area cool.

Propagation: is by tip cuttings, taken of new growth during spring and early summer.

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