Salvia holwayi

Salvia holwayi

Salvia holwayi:  is a tender shrubby perennial 20-30cmH that grows in a sunny well protected position with red tubular flowers in winter.

Salvia holwayi
Salvia holwayi

Salvia holwayi is a gorgeous small Salvia flowering in winter .

Flowers are bright red and tubular with a small hood and lower lips, appearing in whorls of 8-12 flowers around a green stem. The  whorl of flowers seem to be  in two tiers, with some flowering now and some later. This is also to attract as many pollinating insects as possible.
Green bracts soon drop off once the flowers open. Flowering stems  may grow to 12-15cm, held above foliage to attract insects.

Leaves are a fresh midgreen colour,  a short broad cordate shape with an elongated apex, thin textured with small crenations along the margins.

Salvia holwayi is a beautiful small shrubby plant that can be grown in a pot or  in a sunny sheltered position  under deciduous trees. It  is frost tender.  In cold areas, S. holwayi may be herbaceous ( winter dormant), coming up again in Spring.

After flowering, it is best to cut back long stems to a good green bud to promote new growth. New growth can either appear from the base or from cut back stems.

Clean out any dead or weak stems. Feed and mulch well to protect the root area in summer and keep warm in winter.

Propagated easily from tip cuttings taken during the summer growing period.

Not always available

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