Salvia hispanica

Salvia hispanica: is an erect annual, from Mexico, growing  60-90cmH.with  dense spikes of blue flowers. Grow in a  sunny position.

Salvia hispanica
Salvia hispanica

Salvia hispanica is also known as ‘Chia’ for the white and black ‘Chia seed’.

Flowers: are sky blue , small, in dense clusters or tightly packed whorls around a green stem, which can be up to 10-15cm long. They are held above  the foliage to attract passing insects.  Flowers appear in late spring , through the hot  summer months and begin to finishing when the  temperatures get colder in autumn.

Leaves: are a bright midgreen, cordate in shape with an elongated apex. Thin textured, but heavily veined with small rounded crenations along the edges. Most leaves have are nicely fragrant.

Salvia hispanica is grown annually, so can be grown as a crop plant or as a taller plant in a border. The sky blue of the flowers acts  as a contrast to soften  other vivid colours of yellows, reds or pink perennials.
Bees can often be seen buzzing and humming around these flowers.

As  this Salvia likes a sunny position, grow in well prepared friable soil with plenty of manure and compost. It is hardy for the hot summer months, but appreciates being well mulched  to keep the  root area cool during the dry season.

In autumn when the plants have finished flowering and are looking untidy, then carefully remove the seed heads and place in paper bags before pulling out  the plant.

Propagation: is always by seed, unless tip cuttings are taken in spring from new growth.

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