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Salvia henryi

Salvia henryi: is a small herbaceous perennial 20cmH with very attractive shaped leaves and gorgeous bright red crimson flowers in summer.

Salvia henryi
Salvia henryi

Salvia henryi: is ideal for rockeries and small pockets.

Flowers: are a bright crimson, tubular with a furry hood and all three bottom lobes opened out to embrace passing insects and small birds. The hairs over the hood and along the tube are gold tipped, the exerted stigma and stamens are crimson. Each flower is within a small whorl of 4 flowers, creating a verticillata effect along the green stem.

Flowers appear in summer and continue into autumn.

Calyces: are green, ribbed, with each lobe being flared out accentuating the ribbing and the pointed tips.

Leaves: are small and broad, midgreen, slightly hairy on both surfaces and interesting lobed with a nice fragrance. The lobes are acutely shaped and angular, almost making a triangular shape with a truncate base.

Salvia henryi: is a gorgeous little plant for rockeries or those small spots that need filling. It is best planted with either other rockery plants or with bright blue / purple or white ground covers.

These bright crimson flowers will brighten up dull areas in the garden, by adding a pocket of colour here and there where needed.

Plant in a sunny well drained position. Use rocks or gravel as mulch to keep the root area cool during the hot summer months. This Salvia can be a good small hardy plant over the summer months, attracting  small birds and other passing insects.

When flowering is finished, neaten and trim off old flower head stems and any dead leaves, and collect any seed that has developed.

Propagation: can be either by seed collected after flowering has finished or by tip cutting s in spring when the plant emerges with fresh new growth.

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