Salvia 'Harmony'

Salvia ‘Harmony’

Salvia ‘Harmony’ is an erect perennial with long stems 40-60cm. Grown in sunny  position, it produces vivid purple flowers in spring through to autumn.
Salvia 'Harmony'
Salvia ‘Harmony’


Salvia ‘Harmony’ is a very attractive bright purple flower for the garden.

Flowers: are a beautiful purple . Although small, they are formed in whorls of 6-8 flowers, making an attractive flower head 12-15cm long.  These appear on a bright green stem with green ribbed calyces and small green bracts. Flowering in spring through summer and into autumn.

Leaves are a midgreen, textured, heart shaped with small rounded crenations along the margins. The undersides are soft, velvety and white, making an interesting contrast when the stems are blown over.

Salvia  ‘Harmony’ is an interesting plant, which can be grown in both a shady position under a deciduous tree or in  sunny area among other small shrubs. If grown in a sunny position, the plant will remain compact, but with more shade, the stems will elongate.

‘Harmony’ is best grown  behind other small shrubs  if planted in a shady position for support. The vivid purple flowers contrast well with other strong colours of orange, yellows, pinks and crimsons. It can also be used to brighten white or pastel coloured  borders.

As the stems  can be brittle, it is best to keep any long stems trimmed to prevent snapping in a strong wind. At the end of summer/ autumn, clean up the plant by cutting out any dead wood and generally trimming back to neaten.
Bees, moths and hover flies  can be seen buzzing around these flowers  over the summer autumn flowering period.

Propagated easily by tip cuttings taken  most times of the year.

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