Salvia biserrata

Salvia guatamala spp ( biserrata)

Salvia guatamala spp (biserrata) is a herbaceous bushy shrub  to 1.5-2mH with bright blue flowers for a sunny protected position.

Salvia guatamala spp(biserrata)
Salvia guatamala spp (biserrata)

Flowers are a lovely blue semi tubular flower. The flowering stem is all green, calyces are green and hairy . The hood and small side lobes are a slightly darker blue than the mid lobe, which is long, curves down with a pronounced white patch to act as a landing strip to guide the bees and insects into the flower. Flowering begins in spring through summer and into autumn when it begins to go dormant. These are visited by birds and bees trying to find the nectar. Little Honeyeaters and Mynah’s love trying to get inside the flowers.
Leaves are large, mid green, elongated  heart shaped, slightly hairy, veins indented with rounded crenations along the edges.

Coming from Sth America, this Salvia likes a sunny well protected position as it is frost tender. Grow this shrubby plant  in   the middle or the back of the bed. Lovely when in flower, the bright blue flowers showing well with other white or pink flowering plants near by.

Salvia guatamala spp (biserrata) grows well under large deciduous trees or with other similar shrubs. They enjoy regular watering  during  the dry, hot summer months.

When dormant in the colder months, cut down old stems, clean up the base and mulch well to keep the crown warm. Remember to feed in spring when the new shoots appear.
Very bee and bird friendly. Propagated easily from tip cuttings taken in spring and summer.

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