Salvia guaranitica

Salvia guaranitica

Salvia guaranitica:

Salvia guaranitica: A herbaceous medium sized perennial 1-1.2mH for a sunny position.

Salvia guaranitica
Salvia guaranitica

Flowers :are tubular, a beautiful bright blue with perhaps a hint of purple in the colour. The calyces are green with a little colouring at the tips on the exposed side. The flowers are positioned all along the green flowering stem – all facing in one direction, usually towards the sun, so this moves around during the day. These are visited by the lovely little ‘Eastern Spinebill Honeyeaters and other birds.
Flowers appear in spring, flowering all through the warm summer months but gradually finishing  in autumn with the cooler weather, as the plant will begins  to go down for winter.
Leavesare a bright midgreen, a large cordate shaped with crenulations along the margins, thin textures with veins being indented.

Salvia guaranitica is a very upright growing  plant, even when blown over, the shoots will grow upright towards the light. As it  grows to 1- 1.2mH, this medium growing Salvia makes an ideal plant in the middle of the bed or behind other smaller shrubs or groundcovers. The blue of the flower makes the plant very attractive, especially when contrasted with whites, pinks of all kinds or even near by red flowering Salvias. The upright stems make it stand up above other shrubs.

Unfortunately this Salvia produces tubers, which can easily begin to spread especially if disturbed. This plant can quickly appear in other parts of your garden, which to some is acceptable, but in a small garden, it can become a pest.
The best way to grow this beautiful Salvia is to keep it contained by some sort of barrier. We recommend that the plant be planted in a very large bottomless pot, so it cannot “walk”  to other parts of the garden. Remember to water the pot as it won’t be able to receive any moisture from the surrounding soil. It this way you can enjoy this lovely blue Salvia.
When the plant has become dormant, clean up the position by cutting away the dead stems, making sure that none of the stems have rooted outside the pot. Always place any green stems or tubers in the rubbish bin, NOT in the green bin or the compost, as any small part has the opportunity to sprout.
Although this is easily propagated by tip cuttings or rooted pieces, we don’t propagate this plant  due to it’s potential to become a weed.

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