Salvia 'Cherry'(greggii)

Salvia greggii ‘Cherry’

Salvia greggii ‘Cherry’: a small open erect  subshrub 40cmH for a sunny position with bright red flowers and dark calyces.

Salvia greggii 'Cherry'
Salvia greggii ‘Cherry’

Salvia greggii ‘Cherry’ is a lovely compact bright red Salvia for the garden.

Flowers are bright red typical greggii shaped with a dark ribbed calyx on a coloured flower stem. These are  in clusters held above the leaf growth.  Flowering occurs most of the year until trimmed at the end of warmer months to neaten.
Leaves are a typical greggii leaf, being lineal, margins entire, a blunt apex and the midrib showing. All stems are well clothed, but can get woody, so regular trimming down to a good leaf bud keeps the plant invigorated.

Salvia greggii ‘Cherry‘ is a great little shrub for the front of the bed, a really bright splash of colour to brighten up a dull area. Grow this lovely Salvia with  other vibrant   purples and dark blue perennials. The bright red flowers also pars well with white coloured plants to brighten up a dull corner. Plant in groups of 3’s for impact of colour  or by themselves in an informal border.
Salvia greggii ‘Cherry’   loves full sun, so a well drained sunny position for best results. A tough, hardy plant for summer heat, winter cold and light frosts.

Trim back during the year until the end of summer when it will need cutting back. Take out dead and twiggy branches, cutting back to a good green bud. Feed with a good fertiliser and mulch well to keep the root area cool.New flowers will appear after the  new growth has matured.
All insects including bees, butterflies, moths and other pollinating insects enjoy these flowers.
Propagated easily from tip cuttings, taken any time of year..

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