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Salvia greggii A lo Ha

Salvia greggii ‘A lo Ha’: is a small compact bushy subshrub to 60cmH, with coral pink flowers. A tough and hardy for a full sun position.

Salvia greggii 'A lo ha'
Salvia greggii ‘A lo ha’

Salvia greggii ‘A lo Ha’: flowers for most of the year.

Flowers: are a deep coral colour with a yellow marking in the throat. Flowering for most of the year, this is very attractive to bees, moths and other insects.

Calyces: are ribbed, greenish brown which colours on the exposed side.

Leaves: are small, bright green, broad lineal, although the edges seem to be entire, there may be a few notches.

Salvia 'A lo Ha' ( greggii)

Salvia greggii ‘A lo Ha’: may be a seedling of ‘Heatwave Blast’, found locally within a garden setting.

It has proven to be a tough hardy plant for summer conditions and winter cold, being mildly frost hardy.

Grow in the front of a north / west facing bed, either at the back of groundcovers or as a border in front of other blue plantings. A good small shrubby plant for the front of the bed. The bright coral colour of the flowers contrast well with other mauves and purples in the garden. They certainly brighten up any dull areas in the garden.

As Salvia ‘A lo Ha’ is a fairly compact bushy shrub, it will only need a light trim most of the year to deadhead those flowers. But it will need a good cut back and clean out at the end of summer / autumn, taking out all the dead wood. Cut back to a good green bud. This new growth will be sustainable for the winter months.

Propagation: is from tip cuttings, that can be taken most of the year.