Salvia gravida

Salvia gravida

Salvia gravida: is a medium to tall, upright open shrub 2mH.
with cerise pink flowers for a  semi shaded sheltered position.

Salvia gravida
Salvia gravida


Flowers are tubular, cerise with a small hood and bottom lobes. Beautiful dark pink/ maroon coloured calyces and bracts. One of the few flowers to keep their bracts until the flower is fully opened, again also beautifully  coloured.
Flowers appear in late winter, through spring and into summer. Birds and bees like hovering over these flowers.
Leaves are a bright green colour, broad cordate in shape, with a blunt pointed tip as well as interesting veination and small crenations along the edges. One distinctive feature of this Salvia is the pungent aroma of the leaves.

Salvia gravida is a very useful plant to have in the middle or back of the bed. A very upright plant so it can fit in among other shrubs nicely.

Not only are the flowers a gorgeous cerise colour, but the leaves  are also a beautiful bright green colour. Both the flowers and the leaves blend well with other vivid colours of dark blue and purples, dark crimsons and of course any white shrubs near by.
Small Honeyeaters love coming to these flowers for the nectar.

S. gravida  prefers a sunny/filtered light position that is protected from frost. Although  winter and summer hardy in the shade, it may need extra water in the hot dry conditions to keep it looking good.
This Salvia also appreciates being well mulched to keep the root area cool during those summer months.

Pruning: Only prune when the plant has finished flowering. Cut out any dead or twiggy stems, taking the thick old canes down to 2-3 nodes, from which new growth will appear. This new growth should grow quickly during the warmer months.
After pruning, feed well with any good fertiliser and mulch well.

Propagation: tip cuttings are easily taken from the new growth as well as from mature stems.

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