Salvia greggii 'Grace'

Salvia ‘Grace’ ( greggii)

Salvia  ‘Grace’ (greggii) : A  gorgeous  small bushy subshrub 30-40cmH with clear pink flowers  and green/ brown calyces for a sunny position.

Salvia 'Grace'
Salvia ‘Grace’

Salvia ‘Grace’ is a lovely small shrub with delicate pink flowers.

Flowers: are very pale pink, an almost white hood, the tube a darker pink with  a very paler beeline into the throat. The  lower lobe is broad and faces down. Spring and summer are the main flowering seasons, but will continue to flower throughout  the year.

Calyces: are a olive  green colour and  ribbed, the  flower stems are also olive coloured.

 Leaves: are small, slightly pointed, a midgreen colour with only the midrib showing. Edges are entire. All stems are well clothed to the base.

Salvia ‘Grace’ is a lovely small bushy shrub for the front of the bed. Grow as a single plant or in groups of 3 for a delicate splash of colour. Grow in full sun, to brighten a dull corner. This provides a lovely contrast to any strong blue/purple flowered groundcover. It combines well with other pink and white perennials.
This beautiful little shrub is very attractive to bees, butterflies and other insects.

Mulch well to keep root area cool throughout the hot summer months. Also tough and hardy during    the winter cold, tolerating  mild frosts. Easily propagated by tip cuttings.

At the end of summer, trim lightly and clean out any dead or twiggy stems, pruning back to a good green bud. Feed and mulch well to promote new growth and more flowers.

Propagation: is usually by tip cuttings taken at most times of the year.
Not always available

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