Salvia glechomifolia

Salvia glechomifolia

Salvia glechomifolia is a lovely groundcover for sunny areas, about 10cm H with gorgeous bright blue flowers. Very bee friendly.
Salvia glechomifolia
Salvia glechomifolia

Salvia glechomifolia ,is a good compact groundcover for a rockery that flowers for most of the year.

Flowers are a beautiful blue, semi tubular with a prominent bee line down the bottom lobe. These are in  whorls around a green stem of about 10cmH. Although the calyx is green, often it has a purple colouring on the  exposed side. Flowers appear in spring/ summer, continuing  until autumn. It is well visited by bees, small moths and other insects.
Leaves are a small , a broad lanceolate shape, mid green, nicely veined with small crenations around the edge.. Often they will take appear with purple/ dark pink burnished markings; this is an indication of  cold weather or old leaves.

Salvia glechomifolia is a great little plant to have in a rockery, edging along a bed or at the corner point of a bed. Grown as a border in front of a low hedge, it looks great next to other mid pink  Salvias.

It’s neat and compact. Grow in full sun with good drainage. Mulching will keep the root area cool and with regular feeding  it should  flower for a long  time.

This gorgeous little groundcover is great to attract  bees, butterflies, small moths and other pollinating insects.

A tough little Salvia during the hot summer and cols winter months, tolerating a mild frost. Most of the time. a light trim  in autumn to deadhead is all that is needed to keep the plant looking good.
Easily propagated by tip cuttings taken most of the year.
Not always available

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