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Salvia Firecracker

Salvia ‘Firecracker’: An open upright shrub, stems  80 cm -1mH with stunning vermillion coloured flowers in late winter through to summer.

Salvia 'Firecracker'
Salvia ‘Firecracker’

Salvia ‘Firecracker’ is a Salvia splendens cross with stunning vermillion coloured flowers.

Flowers: are long tubular shaped, the whole flower is vermillion coloured. which is accentuated by a brown calyx, making the flowers seem illuminescent.

The hood is small and straight with all the bottom lobes facing down to open the throat area for easy access for birds to enter the flower. Flowers are in simple whorls of 2 -4 flowers in close intervals along a brown stem 20cm long.

Stems are held above the foliage to attract passing birds and insects.

Flowering late winter into spring and summer, birds and insect enjoy these flowers.

Calyces:  are brown  which  makes the flowers seem illuminescent. Calyces are typically S.splendens shaped with distinctly ribbed pointed lobes.

When flowers have finished, the calyces will remain for a while but will eventually drop off leaving a dark flowering stem.

Leaves: are broad cordate shaped, bright to dark green, shiny surface with indented veins and softly crenations along the edges.

All stems elongate quickly, with most leaves appearing at the end of the stems.

Salvia ‘Firecracker’: is an open shrub, often growing more upright. As the stems elongate quite quickly it is best  supported by other plants.

If regularly tip pruned and grown in a sunny position, it will remain bushy and lush looking.

Liking a sunny sheltered position, grow this Salvia with other bushy small shrubs and perennials with vibrant colours in tones that compliment each other.

When in flower, it puts on a lovely show  as the flowers seem to be illuminescent in the sunshine. Although summer hardy if well mulched, it may not be winter hardy in cold areas and is frost tender, so will need protection.

After the most of the  flowers are finished, keep tip pruning to keep the stems bushy, always cutting down to a good green bud. Tidy the bush, cutting out any dead or twiggy  stems.

Feed and mulch well to keep the root area warm in winter and again top up mulch in spring to keep the root area cool during the hot dry summer season.

Although they grow well in a well drained soil, they do appreciate extra watering during summer to keep them looking lush.

Propagation: very easily propagated by tip cuttings taken in spring and summer.