Salvia 'Easterbonnet'

Salvia ‘Easterbonnet’

Salvia ‘Easterbonnet’: A gorgeous upright small shrub, 60cmH with  multicoloured yellow flowers , growing in full sun for most of the year.

Salvia 'Easterbonnet'

Salvia ‘Easterbonnet’ is one of many multicoloured flowers that are now appearing in the World of Salvias.

Flowers are primarily pale yellow with masses of red hairs at the tip and beneath  the hood and red/orange colouring along the  hood, finishing with  cream towards the throat. The tube can be a pale pink with all the bottom lobes opening out wide in a pale yellow skirt.

Flowers are held above the foliage to attract passing bees and pollinating insects. Bees and other insects are certainly drawn to these flowers. The main flowering period is from spring through summer and into autumn, but can flower for most of the year.

Calyces: are usually a dark brown/ purple, slightly hairy and ribbed. These are held on  a dark flowering  stem.  If pollinated the calyces will become straw coloured and remain on the stem, if not, they will drop. Seed is freely set, but the  resulting colour may not be true.

Leaves: are a typical microphylla type leaf, oblong, not too wide, rounded at the tip, a few notches around the margin with veins showing.

S. ‘Easterbonnet’ is one of those shrubs that can brighten up and enliven a garden bed with it’s striking  pale yellow flowers and dark stems.
This is a good all round plant, being tough and hardy for the summer months, withstanding light frosts and the winter cold.

Plant it in full sun with other brightly coloured perennials and small shrubs. Makes a lovely contrast for other dominant colours. Great for a mixed border or the middle of a small garden bed.

A beautiful upright shrub, always in flower unless trimmed. Stems can get woody, so it is very necessary to trim down to a green bud regularly to keep the plant vitalised and bushy.

Propagation:Easily propagated by tip cuttings taken at most times of year.

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