Salvia dichlamys

Salvia dichlamys

Salvia dichlamys: A small subshrub 40-60cm H for a sunny position with bright vermilion flowers during summer.

Salvia dichlamys
Salvia dichlamys

Salvia dichlamys is a nice small compact shrub for a sunny position

Flowers: are small, bright red, tubular in pairs or in small whorls around a green stem.The hairy hood  has a faint pale stripe on the top with a small pale area at the point, this corresponds with the beeline area around the throat opening.
The bottom lobes are curved down to open the throat area to allow bees, other insects to crawl inside the flower, it also allows access to small honeyeaters with long beaks.
The beeline on this flower is more of a tuft of hairs rather than a  pale area.
Flowers begin in spring, continue through the summer until autumn on a short flower stem, but held above the foliage to attract passing bees and insects.

Calyces : are green which contrast beautifully with the red of the corolla. Each lobe is ribbed and well pointed with a few clear hairs along the ribs. Unless pollinated, the calyces fall off after the flower has finished, leaving a green flowering stem. If pollinated, the calyx will become straw coloured holding a small round dark seed as it develops.

Leaves: are grass green, broad lanceolate, almost triangular or heart shaped. Each leaf is nicely textured with indented veins with rounded crenations along the edge. Can almost be deciduous in very cold weather.

Salvia dichlamys is a small shrub for a sunny sheltered position. Frost tender so best grown beneath other shrubs or a sunny protected area.  It can almost be deciduous in very cold weather, but bursts into leaf with the warmer weather.

The red flowers brighten up a dark area. Grow with other small red, pale blue or purple shrubs and perennials.
Easily grown, not fussy with soil, kept compact by regular trimming, removing any dead or twiggy stems.

Propagation: from tip cuttings, taken from new growth.
Not available

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