Salvia desoleana

Salvia desoleana

Salvia desoleana: A shrubby upright  perennial  to 60-80cm with white and blue flowers and very aromatic leaves, full sun.

Salvia desoleana
Salvia desoleana

Salvia desoleana originates from the Mediterranean region, so is tough and hardy.

Flowers: are a falcate shape, with a large pale blue hood  and white bottom lip which is often cupped to provide a landing place for bees and insects. Flowers are in whorls of 6 around the hairy green stem,  These are set well above the foliage to attract passing bees and  Flowering begins in spring and continues throughout summer into autumn.

Calyces : the hairy green calyces look as if they are closed vertically, but remain on the stem after the flower has dropped, turning a lovely straw colour while the seeds mature.

Leaves: are large and aromatic. Beginning as green, they mature to a  grey green colour. Cordate to oblong in shape leaves,  with large wavy margins. Leaves are slightly hairy, fissured and very aromatic.
They are held together very tightly along the stem.

Salvia desoleana  is a lovely mounding shrubby perennial to have in the garden. The large silvery green  leaves make a good contrast with other dark green shrubs. Growing  best in full sun with good drainage, a tough and hardy plant for both summer  heat and winter cold, frost tolerant.

Plant in among other tough hardy shrubs and perennials that need good drainage and full sun. This is an ideal plant for a gravel garden with other Mediterranean plants.
Very attractive to bees and all sorts of insects.
Propagation: is either from tip cutting of new growth, from  new shoots taken in spring or by seed .

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