Salvia 'Coral Delight'

Salvia ‘Coral Delight’ (gesneriiflora)

Salvia ‘Coral Delight’ ( gesneriiflora): A tall bushy shrub 2.5-3mH  for dappled shade with large coral pink flowers.
Salvia 'Coral Delight'
Salvia ‘Coral Delight’

Salvia ‘Coral Delight’ enjoys a semi shaded position.

Flowers: Are long, tubular and a reddish coral colour. The same size and shape as the parent, again with green calyces. Flowering is late winter into spring/ summer, but on smaller green stems. Small Honeyeaters love trying to get into these flowers for the sweet nectar.
Leaves: are broad, mid green, slightly hairy, mildly fragrant with rounded crenations along the edges.

Salvia ‘Coral Delight’ is a bushier form of S. gesneriiflora, growing on 1 stem and not as tall, doesn’t form a thicket like the parent but rather two or three main stems which branch extensively.  This Salvia is best planted in a sunny but sheltered position at the back of the bed with other shrubs.  A lovely show when in flower.

Mulch well to keep the root area cool which helps in the dry summer months. Although cold hardy it is  frost tender so will need protection from other shrubs or deciduous trees.
Prune the large old stems in early summer down to 2 nodes. either remove them completely or allow them to reshoot. Leave all new basal shoots to grow.
Easily propagated by tip cuttings

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