Salvia greggii 'Cherry

Salvia ‘Cherry ( greggii)

Salvia  ‘Cherry’ ( greggii): a  small upright subshrub to approx 40cm H, enjoying full sun with bright red flowers for most of the year.
Salvia 'Cherry (greggii)
Salvia ‘Cherry’












Salvia ‘Cherry’ is a bright small shrub for any garden

Flowers: are a typical greggii shape. The whole flower is the same colour of bright red, except for a small paler area around the throat.  The middle lobe is large, flared  and slightly split. Flowers appear in pairs at the end of the  flowering stem, held above the foliage to attract passing bees and insects.. Flowering occurs for most of the year until trimmed back, but will be back in flower within a few weeks..

Calyces: are  dark crimson colour, especially on the exposed side. Nicely ribbed with pointed lobes, mostly held on a green or coloured stem.

Leaves: are small, grass green, typical greggii type with entire edges and only the midrib showing.

Salvia ‘Cherry’ is adds  great splash of colour for the garden.  A good plant for the front of the bed, easy to grow, a very attractive red for the garden. Plant with other vibrant coloured shrubs and perennials.

A great small subshrub  for a sunny position, being tough and hardy for summer heat and winter cold, will tolerate light frosts.

A lovely small Salvia, but can get woody quickly, but with regular pruning/ cutting back, this keeps the woodiness in check, keeping the plant healthy.
At the end of summer or autumn, when the plant may be a bit woody and straggly, then is the time to cut back. DON’T cut into the old wood  as the plant will go into shock and die. Cut back  all stems by half down to a good green bud. With regular tip pruning this helps to produce basal growth which will reinvigorate the bush.

Propagation: usually taken easily from tip cuttings at any time of year. Very bee and moth/ butterfly friendly.


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