Salvia 'Charles Shann'

Salvia ‘Charles Shann’ 

Salvia ‘Charles Shann’  : A small shrubby perennial, 30-60cm H, enjoying a sunny position with green leaves and mauve flowers throughout the summer season.
Salvia 'Charles Shann'
Salvia ‘Charles Shann’











Salvia ‘Charles Shann’ is very similar to Salvia ‘Marine Blue’, but this plant has green leaves and mauve flowers.

Flowers: are mauve/purple, flowering freely through spring, summer till autumn on long flowering stems at the top of the stem. Both the furry hood and lobes are the one colour of mauve. The underneath of the hood and the throat are a lovely white splash, acting as a beacon  and beeline for bees and other insects. Very bee, moth and insect friendly.

Calyces: are predominantly green underneath with purplish coloured lobes on exposed sides. All pointed lobes are nicely ribbed.
Flowers are held in small whorls of 6 flowers with 3 flowers on each side of  the  stem. Flowering stems can reach upwards to 15cm long held well above the foliage to attract passing insects.

Leaves: are small, green above and pale beneath, cordate in shape, a very textured surface to channel moisture down the stems towards the roots. Fine crenations are found around the edges ( similar to ‘Marine Blue’ but green) All stems are upright and bushy.

Salvia ‘Charles Shann’ is a good small Salvia for an informal border, blending well with other purples, blues , pale and bright pink flowering shrubs and perennials.
Plant in a sunny position to keep a bushy habit. As the leaves are small, it clips well for a small hedge along a path with other taller plants peeping over the top.
Having small fissured leaves, it is tough and hardy for the summer heat and winter cold, also tolerating light frosts.

Pruning: At the end of autumn,the shrub may be looking untidy, this is the time to clean out and prune away any errant branches, growing in the wrong direction, cutting out any dead or twiggy stems and generally cutting the whole shrub down by half to good green buds.

The new shoots will  reinvigorate the bush in no time, being ready to burst into flower in late winter and early spring.

Propagation: is easy from tip cuttings taken at any time of year.

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