Salvia 'Celestial Blue'

Salvia ‘Celestial Blue’

Salvia ‘Celestial Blue’ : a hardy, tough small bushy shrub 90cm -1mH with fragrant leaves and whorls of sky blue flowers in summer.
Salvia 'Celestial Blue'
Salvia ‘Celestial Blue’

Salvia ‘Celestial Blue’ is a hybrid from California, extremely similar to ‘Allen Chickering’.

Flowers: are a lovely sky blue colour in whorls around the stem in umbels along the stem. They have exerted stamens similar to one of it’s parent ( S. clevelandii). The hood is open and flared out, showing the stamens clearly.  The bottom middle lobe is exerted to support the length of the stamens. Flowering  on new growth stems in spring , it  continues right through to autumn.

Calyces: are a lovely blue mauve  colour, often colouring on the expose side. Although each calyx is long, lobes are ribbed but blunt, all held in a dense whorl around a green stem. Bracts eventually falling away as the whorl ages.
After the flowers have fallen, the calyces  dry around the stem which will last the whole season until cut. These are also fragrant, so  make a good addition to any  potpourri.

Leaves: are a mat grey/ green colour,  highly scented, the fragrance is similar to one of it’s parent (S. clevelandii), the lineal shape being similar to the other parent S. leucophylla.
All leaves are finely textured to channel any moisture down towards the stem and down to the roots. Fine crenations are found around the edges.

Salvia ‘Celestial Blue’ is a gorgeous Salvia to have in the garden, masses of sky blue flowers with bees and other pollinating insects buzzing around the flowers and the scented leaves wafting into the air on a warm day or after some rain.

Plant with other whites, pale pinks, mauves and bright blues perennials for a pastel coloured theme.
Or grow with other tough, hardy shrubs that enjoy similar growing conditions in the full sun with good drainage. Being summer hardy, it is also winter  and frost hardy.

At the end of autumn, it’s time to trim and clean out the shrub, cutting off the old flower stems, cleaning out  any dead or twiggy stems, a light trim of leaves and stems to shape is all that is necessary for this neat, tidy shrub.
Feed in autumn and again in spring, mulch well to keep the root area cool.

Propagation: is best if tip cuttings are taken from new growth in spring and autumn “while the blood is running”.


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