Salvia carnea

Salvia carnea

Salvia carnea: is a small semi procumbent perennial 20-30cm H, enjoying a semi shaded protected position with small pretty delicate pink flowers .
Salvia carnea
Salvia carnea








Salvia carnea is a woodland spp for a shady position.

Flowers: are semi tubular in a lovely pale shade of pink . The hood is furry with pale pink hairs, whilst the bottom middle lobe has a pale pink edge, matching the 2 side lobes. The middle lobe has a prominent white beeline with a pink center line to attract and guide bees and other insects into the flower.
Flowers are produced in winter in whorls of 8 flowers with 4 being open  and 4 opening later, to extend the flowering period. All this happens on a long green brown stems held well above the foliage.
Very bee and insect friendly.

Calyces: are a green brown colour, nicely ribbed with pointed lobes. These retain their colour long after the flower has fallen, until they dry with seed.
Leaves: are small, mid green lanceolate with very fine crenations along the edge. Although the stems are mostly upright, many stems flop to the ground, becoming semi procumbent. These stems often produce “elbows” which can  then produce roots, these allow the plant to gradually expand slowly.

Salvia carnea is a lovely small semi procumbent Salvia for the front of the bed in a sunny/semi shaded protected position. Coming from the forest floor, it enjoys a deep soil with leaf litter within the mulch, but hates hot/ dry and cold/wet.
Plant with other small shrubs and perennials that enjoy a  woodland situation. Plant with other pale pinks, whites pale blues and mauves under trees and tall shrubs.

At the end of spring, it’s time to clean up the plants. Cut out any dead or twiggy stems, tidy up the edges, trimming stems that have gone in the wrong direction. trim back to a good green bud.
Feed and mulch well to keep the root area cool n the hot dry summer months.

Propagation: is easy  from young fresh shoots taken in spring and summer.


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