Salvia cardiophylla

Salvia cardiophylla

Salvia cardiophylla: is a herbaceous perennial, 30-90cmH, an  upright , open branched plant with  mauve/ lilac flowers in spring and summer.
Salvia cardiophylla
Salvia cardiophylla









Salvia cardiophylla  has delicate mauve/ lilac flowers during spring and summer.

Flowers: are lilac/ mauve coloured, with a wide extended bottom lobe that is slightly flared and split. A white beeline is delicately marked from the throat to the bottom of the lobe to guide the insects into the flower. Flowers are set in whorls of 8, with 4 flowers beginning to flower, while the others will open later,so the flowering period is extended.
Flowers in late spring through summer. Flowering stems are held above the foliage to attract passing insects. Very insect friendly.

Calyces: are a bright green, sparsely ribbed with each lobe being small and blunt, all wrapped around  green flowering stem. flowers will begin to face the sun.

Leaves: are grass green, heart shaped with pointed apex, textured with indented veins showing clearly. Leaves are opposite with almost sessile leaves wrapped around the slender stem with long  internodes between whorls to form verticillatas .

Salvia cardiophylla  is a plant for a sunny sheltered position, either in a large pot on the verandah or in the foreground in the garden under trees in dappled shade.
Plant with other woodland type perennials with pastel colours of pale pinks, white and other blues.

When the flowers have finished, collect seed before cutting down the stem. As this Salvia is winter dormant, the whole plant will die down. clean away old dead leaves and mulch to keep the crown warm in the cold winter months.
When the new shoots appear, feed and reapply the mulch to keep the root area cool during the hot summer season.

Propagation: is either by tip cuttings taken in spring and summer before the plant begins to flower, or by seed, sown in late winter/ early spring in warm propagating containers.
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