Salvia canescens var daghestanica

Salvia canescens var daghestanica:

Salvia canescens var daghestanica: is a small clumping mat forming Salvia with silvery leaves and flower clusters to 30cm H above the foliage.

Salvia canescens var daghestanica

Salvia canescens var daghestanica is an ideal small clumping Salvia for a rockery or gravel garden.

Flowers: are purple falcate type flowers, positioned in whorls of 4-8 flowers in verticillata fashion  around  one or two central green stems.These can rise  30cm H above the basal growth of the leaves in spring  and continuing to flower over the summer period. These tall flowering  stems are to try and attract passing insects. The stems remain through autumn until cut down.

Calyces: are a green grey colour, sparsely ribbed, smooth  with blunt lobes. These remain sell after the flowers have fallen.

Leaves: are silvery grey, long , elongated lanceolate shaped with a few notched lobes towards the base. The surface has felty white hairs given the leaves a silvery grey appearance. These all form a basal  clump with growth gradually expanding to approx 30cm wide.

Coming from the Caucasus area, this plant is grown hard in full sun and very good drainage. This is a tough, hardy plant, able to grow well during the hot dry summer months, able to withstand cold winters, and frosts. The clump can reduce in width a little during the colder months until new shoots appear in spring.
Propagation:  is usually by seed sown in early spring or if the clump is large enough, then new shoots may be taken as cuttings.
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