Salvia campanulata

Salvia campanulata

Salvia campanulata :is a  herbaceous Asian Salvia, growing 20 cm tall with interesting hastate shaped leaves and yellow flowers in autumn.
Salvia campanulata
Salvia campanulata

Salvia campanulata is winter dormant, coming up again in spring.

Flowers: are a pale yellow falcate type flower , these can appear sometimes in both spring and more commonly in autumn just before they begin to go down for winter. These are a clear yellow with brown markings on the two side lobes and on the out side of the throat. occurring in semi whorls of 2-3 flowers along a long green stem above the foliage, to attract passing insects.
The throat is slender and very long, making sure that the insects bump along the stamens to get to the nectar.

Calyces: are  a bright green, well ribbed with each lobe slightly pointed.

Leaves: are a lovely bright green ,broad cordate hastate shape with pronounced serrated margins. The leaf stems can also be used to propagate the plant ( similar to Begonias)

Salvia campanulata is a good small  plant occurring on the forest floor in semi shaded conditions. Their small size makes ideal to be  grown either in the garden along the edge of a path or as an attractive pot plant.

Plant with other wood loving plant that like similar conditions of  semi shade. Feed well when leaves appear in Spring and mulch well to keep the root area cool during the summer months.

Propagated easily from basal  cuttings, taken in spring or summer. Bee and insect attracting.
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