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Salvia broussonetii

Salvia  broussonetii: is an interesting open shrubby Salvia. Coming from the Canary Islands, it has large felty leaves and pure white flowers for a sunny position.

Salvia brousonettii
Salvia broussonetii

Salvia broussonetii: has very large textured leaves and panicles of small white flowers.

Flowers: are pure white, falcate shaped with a large opening between the hood and lower lobes to allow bees and insect easy access to the nectar. Flowers are found in small panicles  in clusters at the top of a short flowering stem, appearing  in summer through to autumn.

Calyces: are green, very hairy, ribbed showing each pointed lobe clearly.

Leaves: are large, grass green, well textured and slightly hairy beneath, soft velvety hairs above and  very textured. These  are clustered at the end of the stem. The main stem can appear to be woody and with the large leaves, the plant appears as a mound.

Salvia broussonetii: is a very hardy plant for informal borders or for those ‘hot spots’, where nothing else will grow. Plant with other blue, pink  or purple small shrubs, groundcovers or perennials that are also tough and hardy. It’s large felty leaves  give this plant an architectural quality, which can make this Salvia quite a feature plant and focal point within the border.

This is a tough and very hardy Salvia that needs a full sun position. Coming from the Canary Is, it will also tolerate the winter cold and frosts, but will need good drainage if it is to survive these tough conditions.

At the end of autumn when most of the flowers have finished, these need dead heading and old leaves need removing. Cut out any dead branches and twiggy stems. Feed, and mulch well to keep the root area cool for the hot dry summers for summer heat and winter cold.

Propagation: is by cuttings which can be taken at any time of year. They can also be easily grown from seed. Very attractive to bees and other pollinating insects.

Occasionally available.