Salvia bogotensis

Salvia bogotensis

Salvia  bogotensis: is an open, spreading medium shrub to 1-1.5m H. with blue/ purple  flowers and dark calyces in winter and spring.
Salvia bogotensis
Salvia bogotensis

Coming from Columbia, Salvia bogotensis will need protection in winter from frost.

Flowers: are a dark blue/ purple colour depending on your light.Semi tubular with a furry hood of dark blue hairs and a dark calyx. These appear on a long flower stem at the end of the growing stem, often held above the foliage. Flowers appear during autumn through out winter and into spring. Insect and bee friendly, often small Honey eaters like to try their luck in trying to find nectar.

Calyces: are green with dark crimson brown colouring. Sparsely ribbed with each lobe being pointed. These are held in small whorls of 3-4 flowers on a dark coloured flower stem.

Leaves: are mid green, lanceolate, often elliptical and furry when young, becoming leathery with age. They have an interesting  texture with indented veins, slightly hairy beneath. Leaves are sparse along the long stems.

As Salvia bogotensis  has an open bushy habit  it can  flop down to make a large shrub. This habit is excellent on a bank or growing over a retaining wall. A good screening or “filler”shrub for those middle beds or on a bank would be ideal. The long stems can root when layered on the ground.

Coming from Sth America, S. bogotensis likes a sunny protected position from frost and wind. It enjoys a  dappled shady position in summer from hot drying winds.

When most of the flowers have finished in spring, it will need trimming at least once each year to neaten.  If the long stems have grown too long, then take the shrub back by at least half to good green buds. The new growth will make the bush more compact.

Propagation: is usually by tip cuttings taken at most times of the year.
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