Salvia bicolor (greggii)

Salvia bicolor ( greggii)

Salvia bicolor ( greggii): is a small open subshrub 60cmH. Tough and hardy  for a sunny position with cream and pink flowers for most of the year.

Salvia bicolor (greggii)
Salvia greggii bicolor

Salvia bicolor   produces masses of flowers through out the year with a new flush of flowers appearing in spring.

Flowers: are bi coloured. The large bottom lobe is cream, the other two smaller lobes on either  and the throat are pink as is the tube, the hood being cream.

Calyces are green, ribbed. Often  the calyx is coloured and looks  a brown colour.

Leaves are a mid green, lanceolate or oval shaped with only the midvein showing and most of the margin being entire.. Most of the stems are coloured and  are well clothed with leaves down to the ground.

S. bicolor is an open erect plant, liking a full sun position. Plant with other vivid purple or dark blue  shrubs and  perennials to show off the two tones of these gorgeous flowers.
Plant at the front of a mixed border or behind other small ground covers.
Bees, moths and butterflies really enjoy these flowers.

A tough hardy plant for summer heat and winter cold, will withstand a light frost. A good addition to any garden, often used as a filler, giving the plant a sprawling appearance.

As S. bicolor  can flower for most of the year, it is best trimmed and pruned back in autumn when the plant may look a bit leggy. Clean out  any dead or twiggy stems and prune stems down to a good green bud.
New growth can appear along the stems and at the base of the plant.

After cleaning out, feed and mulch well to keep the root area cool in the hot dry summer months and warm during the  winter cold.

Propagation: is usually  by tip cuttings, easily taken most times of the year.


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