Salvia barrelieri

Salvia barrelieri

Salvia barrelieri : A herbaceous perennial  from Northern Africa and Spain with mauve and white  stems of flowers.  Growing to about 1m H  flowering in early summer till late autumn.
Salvia barrelierii
Salvia barrelierii











Salvia barrelieri is a very erect plant when in flower.

Flowers: are a pale blue/ lavender colour. Falcate type in shape with a hairy large hood. The lower lips  are almost white; the calyx  is green, ribbed and slightly hairy offsetting the colour of the flower beautifully. The central panicle  is tall with many branches.
Bees, moths and hover flies love these flowers

Leaves are large, undulating, grey green, slightly lobed leaves with pale velvety undersides. These can  form quite a large  clump if left in that position for a few years.

As this plant is erect and quite tall 1-1.2mH when in flower, it is best  grown either in the front of a perennial garden or in the middle behind lower plants, making  the perfect backdrop. A good clump will produce a number of flower spikes over the summer months.
The bees and insects love these flowers.

S. barrelieri should be grow in a sunny position protected  from wind  with good drainage .The erect flowering spikes contrast well with other medium and  tall flowering perennials within the border especially other yellow and white perennials with a similar growth habit.

When the initial flowering period is over, remove the spent flower spikes, save the seeds and clean up the leaves, feed  and  mulch well to keep the root area cool during the hot  summer months and warm during the cold  winter period.

Grown from seed;
Not Available

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